Freedom Singers' Fund Raising Event

Friday, December 4th  at 7:00 pm at the Empress Theatre in Fort Macleod
Tickets are $25.00 per person
Call the Theatre Office for tickets:   403-553-4404           View Poster

The Freedom Singers' story is one that will inspire you with a fresh, modern day,picture of faith in a God that is still in control of a world gone mad.

Simon Ivascu, Steven Ivascu and Wesley Pop, fled Romania when they were only teenagers. Determined to escape to freedom, they all faced danger and hardships, but Simon and Wesley's nightmare began in earnest when they crawled into a container, were then locked, sealed and placed aboard a container vessel.  There they spent two weeks in total darkness as they baked int he heat before being loaded onto the ship, headed to an unknown destination in search of freedom.  The ran out of food, water, oxygen and hope.

Their story continues with many miraculous events of God's hand of provision on their lives.  Don't miss this exciting concert event and hear their incredible real life experience of faith and perseverance in the face of insurmountable odds.

"I have been singing full time for over 23 years.  I have never come across an artist with more inspiring story.  The way these guys weave music in with their testimony is something you have to experience." - Scott Fowler

As seen on CBC's the Dragon's Den

For More information call 403-687-3867